We believe in being creators and not just consumers. That means being conscientious about our actions, finding ways to do good, and caring for ourselves and our environment. Join us in our movement!


We speak to women to find out what makes them feel beautiful, inspired and alive. Then we use these insights to create luxurious, comfortable, functional and sustainable clothing. 

We source sustainable fabrics that are good for your skin, easy to wash and long-lasting and most importantly, help us take care of the world we live in. 

We hand-make our clothing taking good care that each and every garment that leaves DevinaLouise HQ is of the same beautiful quality that you’ve come to know and love. 

We give back to the world because we believe in living our best lives and enabling future generations – our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – to do the same. 


We plant one tree for every item sold. Through this pledge, we contribute to the world’s reforestation, create new habitats for wildlife and help enhance air quality for communities around the world.