Garment Care Guide

Garment Care Guide

Clothing is a personal part of our lives, and we do our best to produce garments that you’ll want to wear day after day.

Our focus is to make garments that are durable and functional enough to be a part of your wardrobe for many years to come, however inevitably they aren’t meant to last forever.

Here are our tips to help you care for your new pieces.

General Care

For natural fibres such as linen, hemp and cotton, machine wash on a gentle cycle with cool water, tumble dry on low heat or best to lay flat to dry and always wash with like colours.

Reduce the frequency of washing to slow fading and wear-down of all fibres. At the same time, don’t let heavy sweat or grease remain in fibres for extended periods without washing as this will cause the fibres to become brittle.

Use a gentle, Earth friendly washing detergent such as from the brand ‘Ecostore’, even better to use one with Eucalyptus as this is great for dispelling odours naturally.

Quick Tips

  • Add white vinegar to the wash to remove stubborn smells.
  • Lemon juice solution and sunlight are a great natural brightener for whites.
  • Use baking soda or liquid dish soap to remove oil and grease stains. Scrub with a toothbrush.

 Quick Ideas

Cover a stain on clothing with a fabric patch. Hide it or blend the fabric patch into the garment by using paint or bury with stitching.

Strengthen thinned areas in fabric before they get worse. Disguise by reinforcing with matching fabric and thread and apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the thinned material to stabilise and reinforce.

Make it a feature by using contrasting fabric and thread.

Reinvent a garment with a new look through tie-dye.

Recycling / Re-use

All good things must come to an end, and a natural fibres garments life is no different. Once you’ve worn your favourite pieces out, there are still things you can use them for!

Donating to charity shops and thrift stores should be a last resort; these are already inundated with more clothing than there is need. Finding a use for the material yourself is a great option!

Cut large enough garments into squares to use as napkins. Wash and leave the edges frayed or sew a small hem around the edges. Softened flax linen would be dreamy at the table!

Use intact material to sew baby clothes or small items like pouches or headscarves.

Cut into small scraps to use for quilting or to patch other garments with.

Hand sewing mending clothing