About The Designer

Fashion Designer Devina Louise

First of all- Devina, what made you decide to pursue a career as a designer?

"Well, this is an easy question; purely my love for the hands-on creation of making clothes! Textiles was my favourite class throughout school, and sewing and working with fabrics always came naturally to me. I believe these skills were passed down from my great-grandmother, Gertrude, skipping two generations, and finding their way to me!"

What path did you take to become the Sydney-based designer you are today?

"After high school, I enrolled in a fashion, design and technology course where I learnt everything about the industry, and about creating fashion from start to finish. I then spent two years in Austria, working for a fashion designer in Vienna, where not only was I able to gain relevant skills, but also had the opportunity to experience the Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, which was awesome!"

What's most important to you when designing clothes?

"For me, the most important thing is that the clothes feel good to wear. I want women to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin and I do my best by creating timeless and elegant designs. Sustainability is another super important factor to me. I stick to natural fibres as much as possible and try and create designs that work well with sustainable fabrics, such as linen."

Out of all the garments you have designed, do you have a favourite piece?

"Hmm, that's a tricky question because I love all the designs - I tend to make things that I, too, would wear! My favourite is probably the Olivia Dress; I always feel so elegant wearing it. I also love the Zoe Pants as these are such a great every day pair of pants – I simply feel good wearing them.”

Devina Louise_Pattern Making